Monday Productivity Program!

Gupta Shivani
3 min readMar 25, 2021


“Yay! Monday”… said no one ever.

“And here starts another week without me being rich or famous” is the thought we have on each Monday.

I would rather not second it, as I am here to motivate you for the coming Monday. Well, that definitely doesn’t imply that I haven’t been through Monday illness; but yeah I guess I have learnt some ways to kick off this horrible Monday vibe and be more enthusiastic and productive.

The researchers from the Lehigh University’s College of Business conducted the study (published in the journal — Information Systems Research) which states that the ‘Monday Effect’ — that letdown of returning to work after a weekend is documented to impact finance, productivity and psychology. Here are a few tips/ideas to recreate your Monday and let the ‘blues’ be gone.

  1. Establish a routine

Post wrapping up your Friday work, take out 2 minutes to plan out things for Monday. Begin by prioritizing deadlines and any pending meetings. You can use a planner for the same as it makes more emphasis on your routine.

2. Deal with it

Do not run away from the fact that post a fun/chill weekend, it is time to go back to your work station (at our homes during Covid).

3. Add some spirituality to the day

Start smart by listening to some mantras or chants to bring in that positive thought process and gather all the good energy. It works for me every morning, trust me this is going to make you happy and focused.

4. Take a break

Do not overburden yourself with work, this is why it is important in first place to prioritize the tasks and not overload with new targets and plan on Monday.

5. Healthier Routine

Try to sleep early on a Sunday night so as to wake up fresh and full on a Monday morning, do some basic exercises and the most important thing: don’t forget to dress nicely.

6. Socialize

Talk to your colleagues about how they spent their weekend or their goal for upcoming week or weather or lunch plans or anything but do not isolate yourself to feel the deep wounds of horrible Monday.

7. Deal with it

Prepare your mind to deal with it, do not procrastinate things for Tuesday. Feel free to share your thoughts on terrible Monday with your friends and just let the fear go.

8. Scale Back

Be realistic while setting priorities for Monday, make it less if comfortable.

9. Make your space worth it

Clear your work space, feels like working productively

10. Coffee/Tea to the rescue

Caffeine is a go getter when Monday blues strike hard.