Long Distance Relationships

Gupta Shivani
2 min readMar 7, 2021


Mon Amour — Seven Miles Apart

Love, Life and lime if sweet are the best, one sour experience and we tend to drift ourselves away; approximately 70% of these forbearances come to those in Long Distance Relationships❤. . .

. . . . .

This article is something for you to relate with if you’ve been in a long distance relationship once in your lifetime, no matter what age or region.

A hidden Solo Self 🙁surfaces in public often; reminding you of the loneliness you’ve been pushing away this whole time. This relationship is a commitment of not just being faithful and loving to your partner, but also not forgetting him/her when you’re at a party/club/outing, remembering the lover in movies and while dining out. It is a promise of taking out extra time on your weekdays as well (definitely apart from the Good morning and Good night messages) and be a jack-of-all-trades.

With my almost 2 years of long distance relationship with huge time difference (IST & PST), became a whizz kid in this domain ;) Therefore, some ideas to make it lively again

  • Remain socially active
    Share reels, memes, posts, tags and the rest on a regular basis, just share whatever you like/ relate to (even when you’re not talking), because when you do that, you inflict that you are thinking of your beloved.
  • Plan ahead
    Plan your online dates (movies/ dine -outs) in advance and keep the consistency going 😉 Share screen on Zoom to watch movie online together or play games online(Ludo, Among Us, Code Names, Chess, Uno)
  • Switch to more video calls
    Expressions do it all, some things turn out better when said upfront with emotions.
  • Interact with his/her friends
    …preferably in presence of your beloved though 😁 Show that you care for his/her relations and would go an extra mile to be friends with them as well.
  • Focus more on Expressing than Impressing
    It is vital to understand that it is not about being a show-sha babe or a hunk hotty all the time to gain attention of your partner. Learn to be original and be what you are throughout. DO NOT pretend to be someone you are not as with time passing by, the bag would be out of cat.

I guess, that would be enough for you to uplift the spirits of your relationship :D Keep the ball rolling!

Till then #HakunaMatata from this social butterfly